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You made it to the third Adventure for WATSON AND THE SHARK!

Watson and the Shark Adventure 3.0 features for the Spring Season, something quite delightful!  This time we take a shorter trip with Mike Hill -- frontman and founder of Tombs.  Tombs was formed from the ashes of Anodyne and has, since their inception in 2003, recorded several records for Relapse, Black Box Recordings, and Level-Plane Records.  We discuss Neil Young, Black Flag, story arcs in music, and the name of their first full length, Winter Hours.  The music featured in this segment:

Gossamer by Tombs from Winter Hours
Old Dominion by Tombs from Winter Hours
The Desert by Ennio Morricone from The Good, The Bad, the Ugly OST
Filled with Secrets by Tombs from Winter Hours
Story of a Room by Tombs from Winter Hours

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