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Welcome to the first Adventure for WATSON AND THE SHARK. 

First, we talk with Sam Mickens of the Dead Science.  Their most recent album Villainaire is on Constellation Records.  The first song you’ll hear from them is the bombast of "Monster Island Czars" from that album.  What a beast! After that, you’ll hear the warmth of Goldmund’s "Door of Our Home" (he’ll be featured on a future adventure).  After that you’ll be greeted by The  Dead Science’s Holliston as Sam discusses it.  We’ll work into their triumphant Sword Cane.  We might definitely hear the "Zweiter Akt (Zweiter Teil): Fausti Weheklag I" by Alfred Schnittke lurking in there.  We’ll talk Constellation, Shudder to Think, Ice Grillionaires, , Schnittke, and their musical future. And finally, we’ll head out for a walk on The Dead Science’s Black Lane. 

Then, we’ll be with a truly dear man, Brian Baise.  Brian has appeared in the prestigous and much loved quarterly literary journal McSweeney's as well as the always interesting St. Anne's Review ("Don't Leon Sanders Me"). We will walk down the Corduroy Road with Brian Baise over more Goldmund tracks: "Methusela Tree," "Provenance," and unforgetably "Image-Autumn-Womb."

We are sent off with a tune by Strawberry LumberZach and crisis by WATS economic editor Craig Boyer.

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Have a most beautiful weekend.

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